Winner "Feed a Different Imagination"

I am very happy to be among the winners of the photo contest 'Feed a different imagination'! Nice write-up by Scott Dieterich about Strawberries In Winter

Freya Najade has created a series of images that is not only beautiful but also complex in the questions that the series calls forth about the contemporary state of our global food production.  “Where does our food come from?” This is a question we have all asked since we were children and the answer then was often a simple one, a farm. Today we need to ask, “What is a farm and what does it look like?” More often then not it is unlike any farm I grew up thinking about and it is not like the barns and farmyards that children still draw today in order to represent the idea of a farm. The beauty that is created in Freya Najade’s images fills us with a fascination that turns to skepticism and then ultimately to the realization that our food is grown in the 21st century on a farm that utilizes all the technical and scientific advancements that we take for granted in many other parts of our daily lives. “Where does our food come from?”, is not a simple questions and it is one that we should all be considering on a daily basis, it is a question that has global implications for all of us.